Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Boursin Cheese

Creating the Perfect Cheese Platter
Three different cheeses make a cheese plate, but a selection of five is ideal. Anything more than six may cause palate fatigue!
It’s traditional to offer one hard cheese, one blue cheese, one semi-hard cheese, one “stinky” cheese, one soft blooming rind, and one herbal cheese (Boursin® is the perfect choice).
Cheese plates should be served at room temperature. This allows the complexity of each cheese’s flavor to open up.
A well-rounded cheese plate features cheese and cheese carriers with a variety of textures. Consider serving rice crackers, pumpernickel or rye toasts, or kale chips with your traditional baguette.

This cheese is perfect for any gathering or cheese plate,its smooth and creamy and is very versatile.

             I received this for reviewing purposes from Smiley360 but my opinion is 100% honest

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