Monday, February 9, 2015

Xtava Collapsible HairDryer Diffuser

This is such a great tool to have in your life!I love how my hair feels after using it,it gave me more bounce and body.

***FITS MOST HAIRDRYERS BUT NOT ALL- With its elastic silicone texture the diffuser can easily adapt to a large variety of hair dryers (6'' to 7'' Inch barrel). Pls. take note of your hairdryer barrel size.

COMPACT AND COLLAPSIBLE - Design for easy storage and travel. Simply press the diffuser down or pull the top up to compact or extend the device

DECREASES FRIZZ and maximizes shine with every use while controlling and reducing the unwanted side effects of **** drying including risk of hair damage

ADDS BODY to your hair while encouraging natural texture and eliminating frizz
    If you have a curly or frizzy hair type, using a diffuser attachment is a great way to dry your hair without causing your curls to fall apart and look fuzzy. The diffused air gently dries your hair while keeping your curls sleek and shiny. Prep your hair with the right products to protect your hair, then finish with a serum to hold your look in place.
    Flip your hair upside down. Most curly-haired people know that volume at the roots is important, since curls are heavy and tend to flatten at the top of the head. To avoid this, start by flipping your head upside down. Your hair will dry in an upside-down position, and once you're finished your roots will have much better volume.
    • If keeping your head upside down gets uncomfortable, you can lean your head to one side or another instead. The important thing is not to sit upright, since gravity will cause your roots to flatten as your hair dries.
    • Another option some people like to use is lifting the roots with hair clips. Use claw clips to lift the roots from your head, and dry your hair with the clips in place. That way you won't have to hold your head upside down to get volumeTurn on the diffuser and hold it pointed up. Remember to use a low or medium heat setting. Hold the dryer so that the bowl-shaped diffuser is pointing to the ceiling.

  • Lift the diffuser until it touches your head to dry your roots. You should feel the prongs separating the hair at your scalp in order to access your roots. Hold the diffuser there for several seconds to allow your roots to get dry. You can move it in a circular motion to lift the roots make sure all the hair in the section gets dry. When the roots feel dry, lower the diffuser and let your hair drop out of the bowl.[3]
    • Don't hold the diffuser in place for too long. You just want your hair to get about eighty percent dry. If you dry it too much it will frizz up.
    • Try not to over-dry the tips. If you can leave the tips of your hair hanging off the side of the diffuser, they'll quickly air-dry and you won't risk getting over dried ends.
Collapsible Diffuser for Hair Dryer - Smart Folding Design for easy Carrying and Storage by Xtava TM (Black)
Collapsible Diffuser for Hair Dryer - Smart Folding Design for easy Carrying and Storage by Xtava TM (Black)
Offered by Xtava
Price: $15.00

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