Friday, April 24, 2015

Argan Oil-Infused Facial Care Series: Luxe de Soie

Luxe Lumineux Argan Oil-Infused Facial Care Series: Luxe de Soie

This luxurious blend of oils, butters, vitamins and botanical extracts is enriched even more with pure organic cold-pressed Silken Gold Argan Oil, and is designed to protect, nourish and support your delicate facial skin. It comes in three different forms:
Grand Jour is our Day Facial Cream, designed to engage your senses as you awaken to the light scent of Honeysuckle.
Bonne Nuit Night Facial Cream is scented with Lavender Essential Oils for relaxation while it nourishes.
Luxe de Soie with added Vitamin E is unscented and is designed for both face and body. It entices you to luxuriate in the silken feel of our anytime cream, filled with anti-aging and anti-oxidant power.
Experience the anti-aging and replenishing benefits of top quality ingredients. Your face will love the difference

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