Saturday, May 30, 2015

Electronic Callus Remover and foot file

 Our very high quality and robust technology guarantee its efficiency – tough on the hard skin and gentle on your normal skin. The results: the healthy and beautiful feet you always dreamed of.
-   It removes the dry, rough, hard, calloused skin of your feet in seconds
-   It is an electronic pedicure foot file easy and safe to use at home. You can have your feet pampered as in a spa for a fraction of the cost
-   It is lightweight and you can take your FancyPedicure wherever your feet may take you! No excuses to neglect your feet and let dry skin appear.
-   Its discreet sound will not disturb others
-   You don’t need to apply any pressure to obtain the expected results. Thanks to the two interchangeable roller heads, you can choose the one that is the best for you. Turn on the FancyPedicure and let the roller head slide gently on the area that needs treatment. The results will depend on the level of dryness of the skin of your feet and the frequency of the treatment. Remember always to use the FancyPedicure on dry skin and to apply moisturizing cream afterwards.

Kit contents:
•    1 Luxurious Electronic Foot File in Gold Color
•    2 Roller Heads (One Coarse, One Fine)
•    1 Cover
•    2 AA Alkaline Batteries
•    1 Cleaning Brush
•    1 Light-weight pouch


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