Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pet Grooming Tool


Pet Grooming Tool For Both Dogs And Cats Makes Grooming Easy  For Both Large Or Small Pets – Supplied With 3 Interchangeable Sized Blades, Small, Medium and Large - Works Better Than A Brush, Comb Or Shampoo

Reduces Fur Shedding Time To Minutes - Suitable For Long Or Short Hair Dogs and Cats - Regular Deshedding Leaves Your Pet Healthy And Good Looking

The 3 interchangeable blades reduce shedding time up to 90% leaving your floor free of unwanted and unsightly loose hair. Wave goodbye to the constant pain of endlessly following behind your dog with a vacuum cleaner.
The soft ergonomic silica gel handle moulds to the shape of your hand to make deshedding easy and comfortable for you and your pet.

Not only do you get the main stainless steel 4 inch blade but also the two free interchangeable blades to enable you to choose the one that is best suitable for your size of pet. The small blade enables you to get access to your dog's sensitive areas and is also ideal for cats.

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